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Dominic Riggio



Dominic Riggio is the writer and creator of The Arcane Awakening graphic novel trilogy. He is the owner of Mess Bucket Comics a self published and Independent company. He travels to multiple comic conventions a year. The ultimate goal of The Arcane Awakening is an animated or live action feature. He's been fortunate enough to have some talented artists work on his books. Bill Farmer and Jacob Crippen (Professional credits include DC and Marvel) have contributed colors, inks and pencils to The Arcane Awakening book 1. Keith Grachow who has worked with Disney and Play Along Toys has taken on Inks, and penciling for books 2 and 3.


Dominic is the producer, director and writer for Fox Sports Detroit for the Detroit Winter Classic yearly TV program. He is the co-host of The Motown Mojo Live podcast at Detroit Sound Studios studios in Ferndale Michiagn on the Podcast Detroit Network. Motown Mojo Live is an entertainment show that focuses on music and sci-fi.



Dominic started Mess Bucket Comics as a way of distributing and promoting The Arcane Awakening.  There are more stories, besides The Arcane in the coming years. Mess Bucket is very active on social media as well as TV and radio.

Scott Zambelli


Scott Zambelli is a freelance Illustrator who has created artwork for many well known companies.  Star Wars, Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Transformers are just a few of the franchises Scott has created official art for. In addition to his illustrative work, Scott has also worked in the field of animation where he created animations for advertisements of companies both large and small. Including. He was even the creator of a mascot for the Detroit Pistons known as Sir Slam-A-Lot, who was the team mascot for about 5 years or so until replaced by their current mascot, known has Hooper. When not working on his freelance projects, Scott also spends time creating artwork and publishing books with a Christian theme for his studio known as Studio Three16.

Scott's current project is a comprehensive and thorough adaptation of the 4 Gospels of the New Testament in comic book format. You can see more of Scott's artwork on his fanpage at

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